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LED Signs

Dozens of special effects like neon borders, laser and 3D. Attracts customers 24 hours a day. Displays vertically or horizontally.
Extremely bright. They can be seen clearly day and night. Great quality with the most features.
Date and time features. Our signs are very easy to operate and can improve any type of business.
Has all the features of an advanced touch screen computer like Wi-Fi Internet, Windows 10 operating system and great sound.
Save money by ordering directly from us. We crate the kiosk and ship it for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

All 5 Sizes Have These Great Features.

This is our biggest sign and it can be seen from a few blocks away. Our LED signs are extremely effective and very affordable.
Put up one of our LED signs and many more customers will come. Our signs will increase your sales and improve your business.
Weatherproof for extreme heat, freezing cold and rain. All 20 sizes are in stock and ready to ship. Schools buy signs every day.
20x Brighter Than LED TVs (CALL FOR PRICING)
We offer the brightest stable displays with the best viewing angles. Adjust intensity with 256 brightness level settings.
Write messages and choose built-in images with our exclusive new wireless remote control keyboard that can work 200 feet away.
Educate and inform your city. We can design LED signs for city halls, fire departments and all types of government agencies.
Free Custom Design (CALL FOR PRICING)
Our team of graphic designers will create beautiful custom advertisements specific to your request.
Multicolor with many combinations, shades and gradients of red, green and yellow. Several font styles. They scroll, flash or stay still.
Order 2 LED signs to display on both sides of a pole or monument. They can be connected to display the same thing on both sides.
Unbeatable Support
Technical support, training, and programming help. Experience our unmatched customer service for yourself.
State-of-the-Art Technology( CALL FOR PRICING )
DeltaPSU, EMI Suppression Filters, Linux Controller, Corner Welded Aluminum frame, Line-x Coating, Narrow Bezel, and much more.
New wireless remote control keyboard sends hundreds of messages to the sign from over 200 feet away.
19 Sizes in Stock with All These Features
  • Can Combine Prices and Words on the Same Sign
  • Sharp and Clear from Close, Far and from the Side
  • 10 Times Brighter Than Flat Screen TVs
  • Thousands of LED Lights and 10 Levels of Brightness
  • Completely Weatherproof for Outdoor Use
  • New and Improved with the Latest Technology
  • Free 3 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support
  • Made in the USA with Domestic and Foreign Parts
  • MET Lab Certified - UL Compliant - CSA Approved
  • Change Gas Prices by Wireless Remote Keyboard
  • Wireless Remote Keyboard Works up to 200 Feet Away
  • Multicolor with Many Shades of Red, Green and Yellow
  • Choose from Multiple Character Fonts and Sizes
  • Connect 2 Back to Back for Double Sided LED Signs
  • Display Prices 24 Hours a Day Using Minimal Power
  • Just Plug it into Any Regular 110 Volt Outlet
  • Includes Easy Instructions and Mounting Hardware
  • Built-In Special Effects with Many Variations
  • These Signs have Many other Uses and Features
Knowledgeable Staff

Our experts will know exactly which sign works best for your needs. No other company can match our experience and expertise.